Micro Bonding

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hey guys!

So I finally fulfilled my ever lasting wish of having long hair and splurged for Micro-Bonding.
I got it done in Ebony Trends in Cork City.
They're fully qualified and might I say work MAGIC!
I had the best time there they're so welcoming and so friendly! Made a few friends might I add!
Before I got my bonding done I got my hair cut the day before in a straight cut which was a HUGE mistake, before you get extensions put in you DO NOT have to cut your hair it's actually easier if you have dry or split ends, it helps to blend.
I had to use quite alot of extensions so the price went up because of the sheer thickness of my hair so it rounded to 350 euro and my hair is now 18 inches longer than it was.

I went in at 12pm and was finished at around 3:30pm.
The bonding method is not damaging to your hair as long as you mind it carefully, if you're thinking of getting it done I would definitely recommend the process.

Maintaining the hair is meant to be easy as long as you do it right!
Wash once a week but if you have naturally greasy hair wash the top of your hair every 2-3 days and avoid extensions.
When you're using conditioner avoid the bones of the extensions, where the wax has melded the hair to your own, Same with using heat avoid bones!
If you wish to dye the extensions I'd recommend going back to where you got them done in the first place to do it, but if you insist on box dying at home try your best to avoid the bones again as the chemicals will damage them causing the extensions to not last as long as they should!
Your natural hair does grow beneath the extensions which is an added bonus and you can watch your hair growth process too!!

As you can see the bones above they can be well concealed! They look a bit all over the place but that's because I gathered up random pieces of hair to show the back but in person it looks amazing I'm so happy I chose the get this done and will definitely be going back in 5-6 months to get them done again!
I might go for a different method and get a weave!
Decisions Decisions! 

Any questions about the bonding leave a comment and I'll shed some light as best I can! x


  1. I did this to my hair myself! (You can buy the hair on Ebay) I defo recommend going to a professional to do it because my arm ached after a while adding the hair lol!
    Your hair looks lovely with them in btw :) x


    1. Yourself really? oh god! :') Yeah it took a good bit I'd definitely get tired doing it myself! x Thanks btw x

  2. They look geourgous!
    I've wanted mine done for such a long time now but i'm so worried it'll make my head feel super heavy.
    Clip in extensions usually give me a headache.
    Have you noticed much difference?
    | | Dreams Of New York | |

    1. I get the same issue as you with the clip ins they used give me such a headache but i stuck it out! Well because i have Naturally thick thick hair i have noticed a bit of a weight difference but nothing too hard to mange! i would so recommend getting them and you can always get less than i did! :)x