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Friday, June 27, 2014

Hi Guys! It's that time of the year again! Operation round 2 went under-go yesterday on the 26th of June - In the pictures above it shoes the progression of the bump I had on my right thigh from top right June 2013 to bottom left June 2014 and I do notice I'm wearing the same pajama bottoms a year later, No judging! They're so comfortable. And the bandages did bleed a bit so I apologise if you're any bit squeamish. So yesterday most of the teenage girls I know were either in some glorious foreign country soaking in the sun or at The Jason Derulo concert soaking in his gorgeousness! I was sitting up in S.I.V.U.H soaking in injections and laughing gas.

The story behind my Operation begins back in 2010, I say this bump was the root of all my insecurities. I'm fortunate enough to have a dad that loves sailing so he got himself a boat and we were out on it when the accident happened, For all of you that know a thing about sailing yachts you can understand the struggle of detangling ropes when you're about to tack, I wasn't wearing shoes or socks so when the boat swerved I fell down the hatch and banged my leg on the stairs. I was inches away from my head whacking against the corner of the cooker, so in a way this step saved me from fatal injuries. Instantly I was screaming crying grabbing the side of my leg when my mom pulled me up onto her lap she was so shocked the side of my leg was purple seconds after I'd hit the step. There was deep tissue damage from what we could see.

I was hauled home for the night and propped up on the sofa with an ice pack. I was only 9 years old when it happened so at first I thought it was so cool until people started to notice I got teased a little and the insecurities surrounding it began I started eating a lot more and gained loads of weight , totally feeling sorry for myself.

We went to the doctors and I was told it would clear up after 8-10 weeks and I'd have my legs back to they're young healthy selves. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. We continued to see the doctor, Fought with insurance companies eventually my parents gave up and It got to the point where I was critically self conscious about the whole thing and I was brought to a plastics specialist and surgeon. He called it a Hematoma. It turned out that I had broken the netting between fat and muscle and fluid filled up the gap leaving me with a squishy little lump.

post OP 2013
In June of 2013 I was scheduled for my first Operation, My parents and my doctor thought it would be best if I went for a less invasive method of  fixing the bump, Liposuction. I was put under a general anesthetic and kept in the hospital for 7 hours post operation. I slept for a long time too so those hours passed quickly, After leaving the hospital I was given massive tablets to help with the pain. The lipo was tough to handle as I had to wear bandages for the rest of summer.
It took until August/September to heal fully and to remain relatively flat. I even had a few people compliment me saying they noticed my thighs had gotten smaller.

post OP bandages 2013
After summer the bump started to emerge under the skin again and this was EXTREMELY stressful having already suffered 5 years of dealing with this, Learning I had to go back to hospital sent me into shock I hate hospitals.
They surround me with bad memories and an unwanted aura.

Over the course of a year I stepped up and took
charge of what was happening with my body and what the next step was I sort of bullied my doctor into doing it my way which was to cut the side of my leg open suck out fluid repair the netting and sew me back up even knowing this would leave me a cheeky scar It didn't bother me. I was full on ready to get this out of my life.

I am surrounded by gorgeous friends and in my eyes they're all perfect and when I listen to them complaining about their thighs or their bodies in general and just think how lucky they are to actually be able to wear shorts without wanting to run the opposite way when they see other human beings.

This is a long post lads so I'm splitting operation 1&2 into different posts x



  1. Omg, I hope that the surgery went well!
    Thank you so much for stopping by!
    We can follow each other if you like! Do let me know where you're following me,
    and I follow you back! xo

    1. Yeah everything went fine part two will be up Sunday! :) super drowsy x Yea I think i am following you I love your style! x

  2. you are so pretty!
    wish you will better!

    1. Oh God thank you, That was Last year I can gladly say I've improved my hair at least! :') x

  3. You are stronger than you know so keep it up girl :)